For almost as long as I can remember, I have loved art, handwriting, and all things creative. When I was younger, I would practice writing in different styles of handwriting, learning the art of hand lettering early on.

Family and friends often asked me to hand letter different projects, even when I was as young as third grade! It’s safe to say that once I realized I had a gift, there was no stopping me. When I was 26, I launched my first online business on Facebook, and it quickly took off. I was able to leave my teaching job and pursue Emily Brown Designs full-time.

In addition to being my own boss—which gives me the flexibility and freedom to both provide for and be there for my family—EB Designs also allows me the space to explore my creative side fully. For me, creating these designs, journals, notepads, magnets, clipboards, and even wooden name signs isn’t just about completing orders. It’s how I best express myself, and it’s where I find my peace. My creations are made to inspire others and being able to do what I love while also bringing light to someone else’s life is truly a dream.

To be able use my passion and my gift to bring joy to others is what makes Emily Brown Designs different from other lettering brands. “Meraki,” a Greek word meaning “to do something with soul, creativity, or love,” is at the core of my business. Meraki is to put your soul into something—to put a little bit of yourself into it. That’s exactly what I do with all of my designs. Everything I create has a little Emily in it, and my hope is that it brings you as much joy as it brought me while making it. I like to think of myself as a lifetime student, constantly learning and growing in my work. This benefits the customer as well as myself; it's a win-win!

I am regularly inspired by simply living my own life. When I sit back, breathe, and live my life, both my heart and my creativity are sparked. I find inspiration for my work watching my sons at the ballpark, reading a devotion, chatting with a friend, hanging out with my family, playing with my dogs, or even from observing strangers out living their own lives. When I’m filling my own cup by living life on my terms, inspiration flows. My hope is that it flows through to you when you purchase my products as well.

Everything you see at EB Designs—whether online or in person—was made with love, care, purpose, and intentionality. One of the most important lessons I’ve learned while pursuing this business is that staying relatable, honest, true, and connecting with others is incredibly important. I will always be my most authentic self for my customers, and that means creating high quality, personal, unique designs meant to uplift you and add some joy to your everyday life.