The Shop

Come Visit Us in the Shop

Online shopping sure is convenient, but there’s just something so special about being able to shop for products you love in person. Being able to see and touch the products yourself, chat with the creator, visualize your favorite items in your home or in your friend’s hand when they open your gift…these things just make the in-person shopping experience such a pleasure! In addition to this online store, I am so fortunate to have a local storefront in Lubbock, Texas in the Courtyard at KK’s Craft Mall. This location is incredibly convenient for shoppers both in terms of location and because it’s filled with other local small businesses for you to support, just as I do.

Being able to talk to customers, see them face-to-face, get to know them, and build relationships with them is one of my favorite things about owning EB Designs. As an added bonus, coming into the store can make it easier to go over details of anything you would like custom-made, ensuring everything is done to your liking. Please come visit me at the shop. If you’re local to Lubbock—or even just visiting—I would love to meet you!

Find the Perfect Items—For Yourself or Someone Else

Whether you’re shopping for that perfect gift or a little something special for yourself, when you come into the shop, I want your experience to be one of delight at seeing all the products lining the shelves. Cards, notepads, magnets, prayer journals, stickers, colorful pens, and so much more await you when you arrive, and I’m sure you’ll be able to find just what you’re looking for. My little shop brings me joy every time I enter it, and I hope it does the same for you.

The products I create are all personal favorites, of course, but I do have a secret (shh!): my absolute most treasured item in the shop is the Sermon Notes Journal. I love the covers and the intentional layout of the journal itself that offers a place to keep track of your takeaways from worship services—the verses, prayers, praises, worship songs, and so much more. But the absolute best thing about the Sermon Notes Journal is the treasure trove of heart and soul that fill the pages after purchase. Looking back through my own filled journals never gets old. Stop in and find your own favorites—and be sure to let me know what they are!

Hand-Lettered Items Designed for You

One of the greatest things about EB Designs is the ability to personalize many of my products. Getting to work with my customers on custom orders that you help to design yourself is an amazing feeling! We can work together to personalize and add hand lettering to just about anything you want, so don’t be afraid to make a special request.

Hand-lettering is the art form I’m most passionate about. I built my business around it, after all! In a highlight-reel world, hand-lettering isn’t about being perfect or uniform, nor is it something only reserved for businesses. Having hand-lettered projects in your home is a great way to create a warm, welcoming environment. It’s a calming, creative outlet for me, and I want to share that experience with my customers, whether through creating custom projects with them or teaching them how to hand letter items themselves. If you’re looking for that unique item that’s both authentic and beautiful (but maybe just a little flawed like us), let’s talk.